***Please note that as per usual with this event we have had to ballot out several people, this is not an excuse for anybody to pull out now that the draw has been done. Anybody who does pull out from this point will be subject to the usual 2 match ban and they will also be first on the list for any future ballots. Also please note that the entry fee this week is £15.00 per person.***


7.36                        M PILGRIM                         P H WATSON                      S DAVIES

7.44                        D JEFFCOCK                        P LATHAN                            R WEBB

7.52                        P KELLY                                 P EVANS                              J HERRIOTT

8.00                        R PRESTON                         R HUNTER                           M MAYMAN

8.08                        I DEVINE                              S LYONS                               G PINI

8.16                        J SIMPSON                          C SUFFELL                            J LOVE

8.24                        J CAWLEY                             K STEPHENSON                 R KENNERLEY

8.32                        I ALLAN                                P HAMILL                             J KITSON

8.40                        G MILESTONE                    R PIKE                                   G OLLIER

8.48                        T ORAM                               J WALKER                            C CLARKE

8.56                        G CATT                                 B MATTHEWS                    E BEEVERS

9.04                        W CRELLIN                          M MARSHALL                    T DOLAN

9.12                        G STEPHENSON                G SWALES                           C HAMILTON

9.20                        S DOUGLAS                        P WOODWARD                 M SLEIGHT

9.28                        T SEDGEWICK                    L JAMES                               T ELLIS

9.36                        C PILGRIM                           D WILSON                           T HENDERSON

9.44                        J MARCHANT                     J HARLAND                         A KIDD

9.52                        D ELLIOTT                            A FRENCH                            P BENFIELD

10.00                     S PEMBERTON                   D NALTON                           J CROWTHER

10.08                     T JENKINS                            D CLARKSON                      J WARDLE

10.16                     D TONGUE                          C BROWN                            S KEATING

10.24                     M SLATCHER                      D WHITESIDE                      T RICE

10.32                     C HORNER                           N BROWN                           M LEE

10.40                     P BLAIR                                 J TAYLOR                              D McCUE

10.48                     S FORSTER                           D FODEN                              J A DOBSON

10.56                     I COOMBS                           N KERRUISH                       G PARKER

11.04                     C TUDOR                              L FOWLER                            J WINNING

11.12                     A COLLINGWOOD            P A EVANS                          P RILEY

11.20                     K JOHNSON                        N KERR                                 P HARKER

11.28                     T ARNOLD                           S OPENSHAW                    P COFFEY

11.36                     T R NEWTON                      P EARL                                  D WRIGHT

11.44                     M URE                                  T CONLON                           K HOLDER

11.52                     M NEWHAM                      T MURPHY                          C RHODES

12.00                     R JOHNSON                        S GARBUTT                         B ALLAN

12.08                     M ALLAN                             D McGREAL                        A JOHNSON

12.16                     J BAYNE                                H DENNISON                      S TOTH

12.24                     C HOOD                                P GOODALL                        M CRILLY

12.32                     P ANDERSON                     D McNEILL                           N HOOD